Tanghalang Ateneo deconstructs with Jose Rizal’s Para Los Jovenes

Tanghalang Ateneo in its 33rd Season, Undaunted, celebrates the sesquicentennial of the birth of Jose Rizal with Para Los Jovenes, a dramatization of the mature Rizal’s stories for children. Among these tales are his version of “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing” and select translations of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales “Si Gahinlalaki (Thumbelina)”, “Ang Pangit na Sisiu ng Pato (The Ugly Duckling),” and “Ang Batang Babaing Mai Dalang Casafuego (The Little Match Girl).”  

Through these works, Tanghalang Ateneo intends to prove that Rizal did not only prophesy the youth’s big role in nation-building, but also purposely contributed in the formation of the nation’s hope.  

Fables and fairy tales, oft genres reserved for children, will simultaneously transcend and deconstruct themselves; for beneath their superficial naiveté are underpinnings of rebellion. The adult Rizal indeed wrote for the young – para los jovenes. The production intends to shed new light on Rizal’s subversive impetus and his participation in instilling self-worth and patriotism in the young – subtler than and beyond his other works, the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, but written in the same period.  

Under the direction of Ron Capinding, with co-direction by Christopher Aronson, Zyril Carlos, Julius Tabios, and Charles Yee, Para Los Jovenes showcases the talents of an all-student ensemble featuring the company’s newest recruits. Maximillian Brillantes designs sounds, with lighting by Alysa Alberto and the costume designs of Rina Reinoso.   

Para Los Jovenes runs from September 20 to 24, 2011 at 8pm at the 3rd floor, Gonzaga Hall at the Ateneo de Manila University. For inquiries, contact Atrio Hapitan at 0927 752 2027.

Witness the journey of The Ugly Duckling presented in the setting of a
reality show

A showdown between two gentlemen can be seen in the modern
adaptation of Ang Pagong at ang Matsing

The sad story of The Little Match Girl will be revamped through a
variety game show

Photographs by Debby Falcon