LS research update: DISCS researchers contribute papers to international journals
Researchers from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science have contributed articles to international journals. Mr. Saaman Sadat, Dr. Kardi Teknomo, and Dr. Proceso Fernandez, Jr. have produced between them two articles, one of which has been published in the Fire Technology Journal, and one to be published the Safety Science Journal this year.

DISCS researchers Teknomo, Saadat, and Fernandez

For more information on the paper "Automation of Tracking Trajectories in a Crowded Situation" by Saadat, Teknomo, and Fernandez published in the Fire Technology Journal, please click here.

For more information on a paper on the use of Route-Choice Self-Organization in the improvement of evacuation maps by Teknomo and Fernandez, to be published in the June 2012 edition of the Safety Science Journal, please click here