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Associate Dean for Student Affairs

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Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-12nn

The Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA) attends to the non-academic life of students at the Ateneo. In general, this means providing the relevant support services (e.g. ID production), serving as liaison to more specialized offices (e.g. the Loyola Schools Health Services) when necessary, and providing opportunities for formation outside the classroom by heading the Integrated Non-Academic Formation (INAF) Program and supervising the Office of Student Activities. Last, but not least, the ADSA Office serves as the guardian of the Code of Discipline – seeing to it that students of the Loyola Schools stay true to the values of the Ateneo and grow in responsibility (both personal and social) and moral excellence.

Student Services

Student ID Card and Temporary ID Issuance

The ADSA Office oversees the production and release of identification cards for legitimately enrolled students for the school year. It also processes requests for Temporary IDs (for those who forget to bring their ID for the day) and replacements in cases of permanent loss or damage.

Processing of Student Information Requests

The ADSA Office processes all requests from departments, offices, and Ateneo personnel for student information (contact numbers, class schedules, etc).

Summoning of Students

In cases where the student needs to be summoned to a particular office, or has a letter or item to be claimed, ADSA Office personnel contact the student via their registered cellphone numbers and/or through a call slip issued during his/her classes.

Emergency Assistance

The ADSA Office attends to all kinds of student emergencies -- responding on the scene, acting as liaison to the specific service provider (such as the LS Infirmary or the Security Office), and informing the student’s parents or guardian. As part of this service, the ADSA Office has a dedicated 24/7 HELPLINE whose number (0920-914ADSA) is published at the back of all student IDs.

Student Accident Insurance Processing

All students of the Loyola Schools are given accident insurance, which allows them to reimburse expenses upon submission of proper documentation and within the limits specified by the chosen service provider. These requests for reimbursement are coursed through ADSA personnel who then submit the documents and follow up the case with the service provider.

Requests for Temporary Gate pass/Parking pass

In cases where a student is incapacitated and needs special assistance in terms of getting to and from his classes, a Temporary Gate/Parking pass may be applied for at the ADSA Office to enable his/her vehicle to bring him/her as close to the buildings as possible.

Theft/Loss Report Processing and Investigation

In cases where students lose their personal belongings, whether through theft or accidental loss, a theft/loss report may be filed at the ADSA Office. If the item is subsequently found, the owner is immediately contacted. In the cases of possible theft, the ADSA Office Staff for Security can assist the student in tracing possible leads and examining evidence.

Driver/Bodyguard/Chaperone ID processing

As part of the effort to secure the campus, drivers/bodyguards/chaperones who regularly enter the campus are required to secure IDs from the ADSA Office which are validated every semester.

Traffic and Parking Tickets and Complaints Processing

The ADSA Office also handles cases of violations of University traffic and parking regulations by Loyola Schools students. After the security copy of the ticket is turned-over by the apprehending officer, the ADSA Office records and processes the violation, assists the student in settling the penalties, answers queries and entertains explanations. When necessary, reprimands may be issued, appeals referred to the corresponding persons, as well as recommendations made to the University Physical Plant Administrator.

Off-campus Student Housing Accreditation and Directory

The ADSA Office regularly accredits and rates student housing establishments who wish to be endorsed to Loyola Schools students. In relation to this, a free directory is prepared (with basic descriptions of the facilities and amenities of each of the dorms and their corresponding ratings) and provided to students and parents who are interested.

Student Handbook Distribution

At the beginning of every school year, the ADSA Office sees to it that all incoming freshmen are issued copies of the Loyola Schools Student Handbook. Departments and offices are also provided copies for their reference.

Discipline Matters

The ADSA Office serves as the guardian of the Code of Discipline (COD) which outlines students responsibilities as a member of the Loyola Schools, and specific expectations regarding ethical conduct. The following are the tasks related to this aspect of the ADSA Office mission:

Discipline Case Processing

In cases of violations of the Code of Discipline, the ADSA Office is in charge of informing the student of an existing complaint/report, verifying evidence, safeguarding the students’ right to be heard, and convening the Committee on Discipline for the hearing of the case. Subsequent to a decision made by the Vice President for Loyola Schools, the ADSA Office sees to its implementation and the compliance by the student.

Code of Discipline Revisions

The ADSA Office constantly keeps abreast of changes in modern student life and jurisprudence that may affect the relevance and appropriateness of the COD, periodically evaluating the elements contained therein and accepting suggestions for improvement. In cases where changes are necessary, the ADSA Office drafts the revisions for presentation to stakeholders and approval of the appropriate bodies.

Code of Discipline Presentations and Inquiries

Upon request, the ADSA Office makes presentations to different groups in the Loyola Schools that could possibly benefit from an understanding of the Discipline Case profile of our students. Similarly, any questions regarding the COD may be directed to the Assistant to the ADSA for Formation.

Certifications of Good Moral Character

The ADSA Office also processes requests for Certificates of Good Moral Character (GMCs) typically requested for applications for further studies, consideration in awards, etc.

Formation Programs

The ADSA Office oversees the Loyola Schools’ Integrated Non-Academic Formation (INAF) program, which is composed of four programs for each of the year levels:

  • InTACT for Freshmen

  • NSTP+ for Sophomores

  • JEEP for Juniors

  • Praxis for Seniors

Other Services for Institutional Support

The Ateneo College Student Survey (TACSS)

The Ateneo College Student Survey (TACSS) is the main vehicle by which the Loyola Schools (especially the student affairs team and affiliates) keeps abreast of the characteristics and needs of its student population. Every four years, the ADSA contracts the comprehensive research into the four significant areas of student life: “The World of Family”, “The World of Self,” “The World of Peers” and “The World of School”. The results are then fed back to all Loyola Schools Offices for deliberation and planning. 

Awards/Delegation Screening

The ADSA Office serves as convenor of the screening committee for external requests for delegates of conferences, nominees of awards, and the like.

College Campus tours

In cooperation with the Office of Admission and Aid, the ADSA Office assists in entertaining requests for student campus tours.

Screening of marketing offers and requests

The ADSA Office also processes requests from outside establishments who may wish to hold any selling or marketing activity on campus.

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