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Faculty Development Grants

Objective: To assure the University of faculty members who are qualified in their fields or in some related field by providing opportunities for them to take up formal studies in the Ateneo or in some other approved institution.

Eligibility: The program is open to faculty members of the Loyola Schools who are willing to commit themselves to serve the Ateneo in accordance with the terms of the particular grant awarded. Applicants must have served at least one full year of teaching at the Loyola Schools, with the proper departmental endorsement and recommendation.

Administration: The Faculty Development Program is administered by the Vice-President for the Loyola Schools, with the assistance of the Faculty Development Coordinator and the Faculty Development Committee, a standing committee of the School Council.

Service Condition: Because the objective of the Faculty Development Program is to assure the University of qualified and competent faculty members, each of the grants carries a corresponding service condition specified in the terms of the contract. Please see the Faculty Manual 2002 edition for details.

Types of Grants:

Faculty Development Grants are available for the following programs:

Masters degree from a local university

Doctorate degree from a local university

Assistance for studies abroad, including counterpart faculty development grants for studies under exchange programs and outside grants (in coordination with the Office of International Programs and the Academic Vice-Presiden't Office).

Additional special grants are available for attendance at conferences, symposia, seminars, etc. Faculty may request the LSVP for assistance through their respective Dean. See the Faculty Manual for details.


The deadline for filing applications for Faculty Development Grants is as follows:

January 31 each year for new grants beginning Summer and First Semester. Current grantees are expected to confirm renewal of their grants at this time.

August 31 each year for new grants beginning Second Semester.