Scholarly Work Grants

University Funded Research

Faculty members seeking university support for research may do so by submitting a written research proposal which is then reviewed by the University Research Council. Forms are available at the Office of the Academic Vice President.  The availability of research grants and the appropriate deadlines for applications are announced to the University community.

Research grants from the University require a final report to be submitted before the end of the school year. All funds are automatically terminated at the end of the Academic Year.  If the research project is not completed by then, it is the responsibility of the project director to apply for an extension of the project. 

Research projects become the joint property of the faculty member and the University and should not be published without the consent of the University Research Council.

University Research Grants

University Research Grants are funded from professorial chair endowments and are open to all full time faculty of whatever rank. These grants can be used to support research expenses, a stipend for the proponent and/or the cost of deloading the proponent's classroom teaching.


Application Form

Those who wish to apply for the University Scholarly Work Grants may obtain the application form here.