Off The Press

[ image here ] ASIAN CURRENTS

“Asian Currents”, an ACFJ journal featuring the Master’s Projects of eight M. A. Journalism students from five Asian countries got off the press last month.

The first issue carries the works of journalists from China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. They  tackle issues ranging from media self-regulation, the environment, education and coverage of disasters.

[ image here ] BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS

Blood on Their Hands: Infanticide in India and Other Stories, a compilation of the Master’s Projects  by the first batch of M.A.  Journalism students,  released in April last year, marks ACFJ’s first publication of the projects.

The book takes its title from the story “Blood on Their Hands: Female Infanticide in India,” by the New Delhi-based journalist Dibyajyoti Chatterjee.

[ image here ] DEV JOURN: ACFJ'S first textbook 

The ACFJ recently released its first textbook in Asian journalism, Development Journalism: An Introduction, written by Dinesh Sherma, faculty and India-based journalist. 

The book is both conceptual and practical as it presents the history and principles of development journalism and teaches writing skills unique to the beat.  It is intended for senior journalism majors as well as graduate students.