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The Center for Community Services (CCS) is a social development unit of the Ateneo de Manila University that was established in 1978 both in response to the emerging societal challenges of the period and as a manifestation of the University's mission of service.

For the first 16 years, the Center its efforts in helping build and strengthen various sectoral organizations. It catalyzed the growth and movement of several province-wide people's organizations towards autonomy. It had likewise undertaken livelihood activities and established community-based health programs.

After a decade and a half of directly implementing programs/projects in different communities, CCS underwent a process of transition in the light of the dynamism in its external and internal environment.


As a professional and dynamic organization of the ADMU, CCS envisions and seeks to contribute to the building of a Philippine society where leaders of competence and integrity, grounded in the values of truth, service and justice, actively work with and for the poor to advance the agenda of peace, sustainable human development and participatory democracy.


CCS is a resource institution promoting the values and principles of development entrepreneurship and enhancing the capacity of partner organizations to manage their own economic resource base, participate in wealth creation, respond to community development needs and be active partners in local governance and development.

Development entrepreneurship as a general approach to social development work has evolved from the lessons CCS gained from its implementation of Integrated Area Development projects throughout the 1980s and 1990s, as well as its analysis of the imperatives of promoting sustainable human development in the country today. The main components of development entrepreneurship are:

• Use of business management concepts and practices to achieve social development objectives with the capacity for innovation, opportunity-seeking and risk-taking;

• Emphasis on leadership training with a strong value formation component, and the empowerment and capability-building of community-based organizations;

• Providing for the development and strengthening of sustainable community-based structures and programs that address the three basic development concerns of livelihood/ enterprise development, education and health, with providing for livelihood/ enterprise development as the anchor; and

• Enhancing the capacity of community-based organizations to work with local governments and participate in processes of local governance.

In promoting development entrepreneurship, CCS collaborates with various partners in implementing and/or supporting innovative community-based programs, with particular emphasis on the formation of leaders who effectively achieve results amidst a more complex, competitive and interactive environment, and who are committed to the longer-term goals of equity and sustainability.

As a social development unit of the ADMU, CCS endeavors to access and engage in its work the resources and expertise available within the Ateneo community.


To build and promote models of sustainable community-based structures and programs that actualize the values and principles of development entrepreneurship.

To realize this goal, the Center shall develop key programs, with particular emphasis on the following strategies: (1) direct provision of technical and management expertise to on-the-ground community interventions; (2) training and formation of leaders; (3) documentation and evaluation research, and the development of the systems and technology portfolio of the Center; and (4) systematic capability-building of the human and material resources of the Center.

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