Services for Undergraduate Students

The following documents are available at the Office of the Loyola Schools Registrar (RO)
  1. 1.  Diploma
  2. 2.  Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Certification of Authentication and Verification (CAV)
  3. 3.  Transcript of Records
  4. 4.  Transfer Credentials
  5. 5.  Certification

    English as a Medium Of Instruction
    Units Earned
    Others (per student’s specifications)
  1. 6.  Certification of Photocopied Credentials

Course Description
Special Order Number

  1. 7.  English Translation of Diploma

Documents may be requested over the counter at the RO, via E-mail, Fax, or Phone.

A. Procedure for Requests Over the Counter

1.  Fill up the Request Form completely and accurately and return this to the Registrar’s Office, 2nd Floor, Bellarmine Hall, for billing.

2.  Proceed to Window 2, Central Accounting Office for clearance.


4.  Due date will be given to claim the requested document.

B. Procedure for Requests Received Through E-mail, Fax or Telephone

1.         For request made through telephone – requesting party will be asked to document his/her request thru e-mail or fax. Fax is preferred since this includes the student’s signature. However, processing of requests may begin even before receipt of e-mail or fax.

Registrar’s Office checks credentials and academic requirements

Registrar’s Office will forward student’s request to Central Accounting Office to check for financial liabilities. If the student has financial liabilities, he/she will be instructed by Registrar’s Office to contact Central Accounting Office regarding the matter. He/she will be asked to secure clearance to be presented to Registrar’s Office. The student will only be allowed to acquire requested documents upon settlement of financial liabilities.

If the student has no liabilities, he/she will be requested to pay for requested documents.

4.         PAYMENT*

*Payment may be made through any of the following options:

a.        ADMU Cashier

i.      Student proceeds to the cahier to settle the amount.

Official receipt will be issued by the Cashier and same receipt will be presented to the Registrar’s Office to claim the requested documents.

b.       BPI Deposit

i.      Student ascertains his total financial liability to the school by coordinating with RO and/or CAO.

The student deposits payments to the following BPI account:

ADMU Registrar’s Office
BPILoyolaHeights Katipunan
Account number 3083-6478-83

iii.      The deposit slip is validated. Student faxes the validated receipt to the Registrar’s Office for receipt preparation. Documents will be released thereafter. If the student has no fax access he/ she may simply bring the validated deposit slip to the Registrar’s Office.

 iv.      Check payments deposited require 5 days clearing.
Release of documents to the requesting party will be allowed after checks have been cleared.

c.        Telegraphic/Wire Transfer

i.    Payments can also be made via telegraphic transfer to the following ADMU account details:

       Citibank, N.A.
       8471 Paseo de Roxas
       Makati City, Philippines
       Account Number 012132519

ii.   All additional bank charges related to telegraphic transfer ( cost of
postage/foreign bank fee/wire transfer/taxes, etc.) shall be shouldered by the student.

Student confirms the completed wire transfer with the Registrar’s Office by sending a copy of the validated transfer document through fax or e-mail.

d.       Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express Credit Card

i.         Student fills out the form authorizing the use of the credit card .
N.B. All transactions, regardless of the amount, shall require authorization.

ii.   Documents requested may be released once an Approval Code is secured.

IMPORTANT: Official documents will be released to the student only upon settlement of all financial, academic, and documentary liabilities with the school.