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Loyola Schools Graduate Programs

Effective I and II Semester SY 2013-2014 and Summer 2014

Tuition (per unit) - credit    2,794.15
                          audit 2,647.95
Tuition (per credit unit) for Teachers and Academicians (50% scholarship)* 1,396.95
Tuition (3 units) for online and hybrid  Journalism courses
* for online Journalism courses, Tuition (3 units) for Teachers and Academicians is P13,294.15.
Basic Fees to be paid by all
Registration    561.50
Library: For credit (per unit)                          466.75
   beyond 8 units                                    4,141.60
   For audit                                                         1,456.80
   For those taking the Comprehensive
   For those enrolled in Thesis 4,141.60
Miscellaneous Fees
I.D. Fee                                      100.00
Internet Access Fee        421.90
Testing Fee (New Students) (up to March 31, 2014) 695.00
Special Testing Fee  (up to March 31, 2014) 1,030.00
Development Fee for new students
   taking >6 units                                              810.30
   taking <=6 units                                            405.10
Development Fee for old students
   taking >6 units                                              405.10
   taking <=6 units                                            202.55
Graduation/Diploma Fee                                   1,102.25
Additional Fees
Laboratory fee:
   Biology/Chemistry/ Physics                      1,953.85
   Communication (TV Radio Workshop)  1,953.85
   Major Courses I                                           3,336.30
   Major Courses II                                          4,804.65
Computer Sciences (1 course)                4,804.65
   (2 courses or more)                                 6,673.55
Language (per unit)                                       322.80
Breakage Deposit (balance refundable) 
   Biology/Chemistry/ Physics
830.85 / 415.40
Residency fee      3,009.80
Residency Library fee     1,971.95

Late Registration, additional fee                  


Master's Degree Students (MA/MS/Master)
Comprehensive Examination Fee              500.00
Thesis Direction per semester until
    completion of thesis (min of 2 semesters)
Thesis Direction for those submitting
    four scholarly papers (per semester)  
Oral Defense of Thesis Fee (3)                4,032.35
Psychology 296 Oral Defense Fee            2,780.90
EM 298: Master’s Project Oral Defense Fee                                       2,780.90
Late Thesis Clearing Fee                            7,711.10
Doctoral Degree Students       
Comprehensive Examination Fee            1,000.00
Research Seminar Fee (PhD in Chem) 9,814.10
Psychology Research Seminar 2,624.60
Dissertation Direction Fee per semester  9,612.00
Oral Defense of Dissertation (4)  7,230.55
Late Dissertation Clearing Fee  9,607.30
1.    The regulations governing the payment of tuition and other fees are issued from time to time by the Office of the Treasurer.

2.    The Loyola Schools complies with all CHED requirements regarding increases in tuition and fees.

3.    While check payments are encouraged, it is the responsiblity of the drawer of the check to see that it is properly made out.  In the event that a check is returned for any reason, there is a service charge of P250.00. Should a check be dated after the regular registration period, a late registration fee will be charged. Checks should be made payable to the Ateneo de Manila University.

4.    Students are not considered officially enrolled until they have paid the assessed amount of tuition and fees or in the case of scholars, submitted the duly approved Financial Aid Form to the Central Accounting Office. Only officially enrolled students are allowed to attend their classes.

5.    No student shall be allowed to receive any degree, diploma, or certificate, nor be given a transcript of academic records, unless all financial obligations to the Loyola Schools have been settled.

Estimated Cost of Graduate Studies
Based on Tuition & Fees for SY 2013-2014
Actual costs may be more or less than the figures given below; please note that tuition and fees increase by about 5% yearly.

Master's Programs 

Students who enroll for coursework or other requirements (comprehensives, thesis oral defense, etc.) have to pay miscellaneous fees ranging from P1,330 to P1,710, covering registration, internet and development fees.

The cost of coursework is about P8,385 for every 3-unit subject, excluding laboratory and seminar fees. Add to this a library fee computed at P467 per unit.

A student who will enroll for the comprehensive exams alone pays P2,900.

For the thesis work, the first enrollment in Thesis Direction costs about P14,500. The second enrollment with oral defense, binding fee, and graduation and diploma fees is about P20,000. These amounts exclude laboratory fees and thesis reproduction costs.  Thus 2 semesters of Thesis Direction cost about P34,500 (plus laboratory fees, if any, and binding fees for the thesis copies).

For students in the non-thesis program, rates for the final project, paper, research, practicum, etc., vary from program to program.  The rate for a 3-unit course or thesis direction may apply. Students may also be required to enroll for oral defense before a panel. 

Doctoral Programs

The cost of coursework is equivalent to that for master’s students. (See above.)

A student who will enroll for the comprehensive exams alone pays P3,400.

For dissertation work, the first enrollment in Dissertation Direction costs about P15,500. The second enrollment with oral defense, binding fee, and graduation and diploma fees is about P24,000. This excludes laboratory fees and dissertation reproduction costs. Thus 2 semesters of Dissertation Direction cost about P39,500 (plus laboratory fees, if any, and binding fees for the dissertation copies).

50% Tuition Scholarship

For Loyola Schools Filipino master’s students who are teachers or academicians who qualify for the 50% tuition scholarship, deduct P4,191.60 for every 3-unit subject, except for  the MA Journalism on-line and hybrid subjects. The estimated tuition fee for 3 units is P7,079.60.

Fees for Journalism
For the MA Journalism on-line and hybrid subjects, the tuition fee (3 units) is  P15,054.45.  Students of these courses also pay the registration and development fees.

International Students

International Students pay a Foreign Student Fee of P1,500 on the first semester of enrollment and P1,000 every semester thereafter.