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Ateneo Environmental Management Coalition

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8am - 4pm


Back in January 2008, the Ateneo Environmental Science Society (ESS) conducted a general waste audit about the garbage generated in the Loyola Schools (LS). The results obtained from this activity were reported to the different sectors of LS last April 2008. The shocking data gave rise to initiate an overarching mechanism to make the LS more environment friendly. Thus Dr. Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng, Vice-President of the Loyola Schools, formed the coalition. The coalition is comprised of various sectors in the Loyola schools (such as the LS administration, OAS, OSA, SANGGU and COA) teamed up to provide an effective environmental management plan for the Loyola Schools.

In the message of Dr. Cuyegkeng during Faculty Day 2008, ENVIRONMENT, together with LEADERSHIP and QUALITY ASSURANCE will constitute the thrusts of the LS engagements. It will involve communal, as well as personal commitments, to look into ways of simplifying lifestyles and getting out of comfort zones in order to come into terms that our world is an awesome gift of God to us, His stewards. The earth will replenish itself as long as we value its resources and processes.


The AEMC is under the administration of the LS Special Projects, Office of The LS Vice President.