“Choosing a college to go to can be very tough,” a freshman told me in a conversation. “And yet it has to be done very carefully because so much is at stake here.”


I can sympathize with prospective students who find it exhausting (albeit exhilarating) to choose a college to go to. Not only will they have to choose the course they want to get into, but they also have to fill up so many forms. And then there’s the entrance test still to be hurdled.


These webpages will hopefully ease some of that burden. Here you will find descriptions of the various courses offered by the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University – a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit university in Manila. You will find procedures for applying not only for the school but also for scholarship and financial aid and other relevant information.


The Ateneo Way will walk you through the gates of a proud tradition of academic excellence and service, into the halls that nurtured and fired the idealism of heroes and heroines, formed the character and professional competence of generations of Filipinos.


For those who wish to be in touch with what it means to be Filipino and seek to deepen themselves with the richness of the Filipino culture, welcome to the Ateneo Way.


For those who desire to love Jesus Christ in their service of others, especially the poor and the powerless, welcome to the Ateneo community.


For those who seek to be educated according to the goals of modern Jesuit liberal education, where both moral and intellectual virtues are harmoniously developed, welcome to the Loyola Schools.


What makes the Ateneo Way truly distinctive and distinguished is its commitment to professional competence (through specialized course work in the students’ major field) and a liberal, humanities oriented education (through a rigorous Core Curriculum that includes philosophy, theology, literature, etc.). Through the various student organizations and activities, the Ateneo Way aims to form the whole person – who will not simply live but live to the fullest, who will not simply lead but lead with justice and fairness, who will not simply reason but reason with a heart. Through various programs that are international in scope, the Ateneo Way aims to develop people who are not only responsive to local realities, but also competitive in a regional and global way.


This is the Ateneo Way. Where and when we can be of further service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Nemesio S. Que, SJ

Director of Admission and Aid